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Online Finnish language course

From September 27, 2023 we start our famous online course "Finnish language in the hotel business and tourism industry!"

It is a special course for those who study and work in hotel business and tourism industry or plans to enter the college or university for this specialty in Finland.

- The teacher is the native speaker.

- The course is from 27.9.2023 to 6.11.2023 (holidays on the 42th week)

- The member should have language skills not less than А1.2-А2.1

- The classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 19.00 to 20.00 Finnish time.

- The classes are in small groups of 6 persons maximum.

- The course consists of 10 classes for the price 100€

Registration deadline is 25.9.2023 at the address: or +358 44999 1260

When you study the course you will be able to speak perfectly on your professional themes, study how to write curriculum vitae for the future employers, learn the professional vocabulary which you can successfully use in your working activity. Special attention of this course is given to the speech practice!

Online Finnish language course


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