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English language for medicine specialists.

Dear friends. We invite you to our next on-line course of English language for medicine specialists.


Our courses in 2021 had a great success.

Thank you for your participation and good feedback!


We start this course from the 31st of January.

The classes would be on Mondays and Fridays 19.00 – 20.00


The classes would be as min-groups consisting of 6 persons.

That is why number of places in the group is limited!


Our course would be about the most common themes in social sphere and medical services sphere.

We provide you with English language training material of Finnish authors, thus

you can also train skills of Finnish language for your professional activities. We

come across the issues, indicated further, and also teach grammar of English



Communicative exercises would allow you making confident representations at

the conferences, holding negotiations, discussing diagnoses with foreign



Objects of the course:

- studying the scientific literature,

- fluent communication in English language on medical issues,

- enriching the vocabulary by medical terms.

Course price: 100€ / 10h


Registration here:


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