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Benchmarking visits

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Benchmarking visits

Our international linguistic center invites everyone who wants to get acquainted with the Finnish education system, visit its institutions, share experiences, and gain new knowledge.

This program is for:

• Managers and teachers at schools, kindergartens, and other educational organizations.

• Managers and officers of education authorities.

• Managers and lecturers of pedagogic higher education institutions and colleges.

• All representatives of professional society.


 - 2 – 6 day training program held in Finland:

- Introduction to the Finnish education system.

- The Finnish education system and career guidance for students.

- Training at the educational facilities of Finland.

- Phenomenon–oriented education in Finland.


  The price of the program includes:

• Accommodation

• Visits to institutions at all stages of education in Finland.

• Lectures by specialists in the educational market of Finland.

• Travel and lunch during program study days.

• Professional translation (Russian-Finnish-English).

• A development of competence certificate on completion.


The group is accompanied at all times by an education specialist.


Additional payment is necessary for:

• Dinner.

• Visas.

• Travel to the study center in Finland.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!




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